Kaizen Hours - Our full brand name. A word with many meanings and a word that is valued by many. With a Japanese background it comes from two Japanese words: "kai" meaning change & "zen" meaning good. The ongoing dedication to continuous improvement. Adapting, overcoming & succeeding and staying loyal to the grind and the original reason for you doing what you do. 
The people behind it - Sara & Jorge. A couple that once had a dream to create clothes and watch people love their designs. People who appreciate the dedication and quality they put in their clothes and enjoy the people who surround themselves with the positivity that encapsulates you in our brand. 
We have an appreciation for original and creative pieces. Pieces designed by us and created by those we trust. Soon we will be introducing a wider selection of pieces; anywhere from beanies to sunglasses to t-shirts and shoes. 

We are a brand that's based out of NY & NJ. We are always showing love to those who are from here as well, so be sure to be following us for Pop-Up Shops & Giveaways in NY & NJ. 
Kaizen Hours was established in MAY 2023. 
A saying we stand by and will always stand by. A saying that we printed on the back of our “Loyalty” Sweatsuits. Loyalty above fame. Stay true to yourselves and stay loyal to the thing you dream of every day. Be consistent and apply yourself. You absolutely can do it, and will do it.